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What's a good place to start internships?

CS major

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3 answers

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Tanvir’s Answer

I'd recommend volunteering at local Social Services organizations. Typically managing web sites to IT help desk, imaging (MDT/SCCM) to even basic AV to Securing Devices...all depends on your skill set and goals. You can also volunteer at MakerBot labs if you're looking into VR.

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Amy’s Answer


You can find internships in your local area by looking at sites like or
This will give you an idea of what it is that you like in computer science.
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Morgan’s Answer

The most likely places to land your first internships will be small local companies (esp. those with alumni employees from your school!). If your school has any career fairs, definitely attend those and keep and eye out for smaller businesses and tech companies in your area. See if any of your professors know of any startups looking for interns.

If you're a freshman or sophomore with a good background in CS from high school, you can also try out the big companies (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Facebook). Most of them have freshmen-specific internships that are a great way to get your foot in the door.

In the meantime, you can also beef up your resume by contributing to open source projects on GitHub, building smaller apps or games on the side, or trying to learn new programming languages. I'd also spend some time practicing your technical interviewing skills. The better you can do in these 2 fronts, the more likely you are to get those internships you find.