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What are useful resources/websites for used/inexpensive textbooks?

I know how expensive textbooks can be and I do not want to break the bank. I was wondering about any reputable used textbook websites/stores. #textbooks

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2 answers

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Kayla’s Answer

Some universities have textbook stores nearby to campus which sell used textbooks which offer a significant discount to buying new. Additionally, they will buy them back at the end of the year at a lower price.

If you buy them used and sell it back to them - this helps keep the costs lower.

Amazon also sells used textbooks and buys them back at semester end- I ended up doing this a lot in college in order to save money.

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Vito’s Answer

There are websites like Slug Books (https://www.slugbooks.com/) that will help you compare prices. When I was in college, I used one of these to find the cheapest place to rent textbooks, and then I would return them at the end of the semester.