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Cosmetology School And Nail Tech License

Can I apply for Nail Tech license if i graduated from a Cosmetology School?

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1 answer

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Carol’s Answer

Weronika...While I have not recruited for Nail Techs, nor have I attended college to become one. That being said, I have found that the best way to find out about any career is to go online and ask. I used Google. Here is what I found. I would also look online for Nail Tech Jobs in your area and see what they are requiring.

Hope it helps. Feel free to reach back out.


You can do nails with either a nail technician license or a cosmetologist license. But you must meet your state's education requirements and obtain your own license. You cannot work under another person's cosmetologist license.

Can a Nail Tech Work Under a Cosmetologist's License? |

How to Become a Nail Tech -

Aug 20, 2017 - Nail technicians typically work in nail shops, spa or salons and provide nail care and beauty treatments to clients' hands and feet. Some of the ...

Education Field‎: ‎Cosmetology or related

Experience‎: ‎Entry level position; some employ...

Education Level‎: ‎No degree required; training ...

Salary (2015)‎: ‎$20,820 per year (Median salary ...