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What is the most efficient way to pay for college without sacrificing grades?

Asked Santa Clarita, California

I recently found out how much I am going to need to pay for college, and it seems kind of unreasonable that I will be able to consistently pay for it while maintaining high grades. I feel like I need to choose either academics or paying off tuition without debt. As I have no experience with this, the presence of fear is undeniable. What would be the best way to make money while still putting in time for studying and homework? Is there a specific job? A specific form of studying? Maybe I should only have a job during school breaks? I would very much appreciate feedback.
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Dianne Michele’s Answer


Hi Krikor

Well I have always had to have a job while in school. To balance that, I kept my credits at no more than 10 per term and I kept my hours at work no more than 20 hours per week. It takes longer to get through school. But my GPA stays above 3.0. I did have to get a roommate to help with expenses.