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Is it better to be a dermatologist, or a dermatologist assistant?

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2 answers

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Kellie’s Answer

These are quite different careers and both can be rewarding depending on your goals. A dermatologist has to complete 4 years of college, get accepted to medical school and complete 4 years of education, then after medical school, complete 4 or more years of internship and residency. You will be licensed to treat patients and perform surgeries. A dermatology assistant is not a physician and requires much less education and training. You will be directed by a dermatologist to perform tasks that are needed for the patient. The pay differential is very large.
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Theodora’s Answer

Hi Lydia,

Thanks for your question. It depends on what you want to accomplish. If you are new in the field and need some experience, then you can begin as a dermatologist assistant to see if you like this career and if you are in school, continue to do so if possible. If you have made up your mind 100% and are passionate about this field, then you should become a dermatologist. You will probably make more money as well.

Best wishes.