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What does it take to be a pro gamer?

What kind of experience might you need.skill

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2 answers

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Jake’s Answer

All it takes is skill. Polish your reaction time and hearing. The E-sports are getting really hot and I can see this as a full time and well paid job.

I have a good connections on some pro level tournaments and teams that currently are building teams for Fortnite and PUBG. Furthermore, Full Sail University (located in Florida) is building the biggest S-sports arena (

Final notes: If you are really interested on pursuing this path I would suggest starting your gaming channel and playing pro tournaments.

Jake recommends the following next steps:

start channel (Twitch/Youtube)
Engage your audience
Practice every single day on the top games
Learn more about tournaments
Attend gaming related events (E3, BlizzCon etc)
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Vijay’s Answer

++ Practice..
++ Interest.