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Can you get a full ride with just FAFSA?

Me and my dad are currently living on approximately $1,500 per month because he had a pulmonary embolism in September and had to quit his job. Could I get a full ride with just FAFSA? Should I apply to any more outside scholarships without screwing FAFSA up?

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Roger’s Answer

Sorry about your father’s current health situation, Polina.   I hope his arteries and clots are improving.

You can get a full ride with just FAFSA.  But....  it all depends on your grades, SAT test scores, extracurricular activities, and special talents.  Because of your current situation,  you could be an ideal candidate to receive reduced college costs, scholarships, or other financial assistance.

Please fill out FAFSA. It all starts and ends with FAFSA to be considered for financial aid and scholarships.

You might be surprised how much money colleges will provide in financial assistance.  As a former college and career advisor for a large school district in California, I saw high school students receive very generous scholarships directly from colleges.  Some of these students had great college test scores and excellent grades.  And, many were from low income families.  Small and mid-sized private colleges provided FREE tuition and room & board for some of these low income students. The tuition cost was $50,000 a year. Yet, these students went to college for FREE. It brought me so much joy to see these students earn FREE college by getting all of their financial need met by private liberal arts colleges.

So, please apply for FAFSA.  And,  when you apply to colleges, you might be able to let college admissions offices know of your father’s current health and financial situation. 

Thank you for caring! I will definitely fill out FAFSA as soon as possible Polina K.