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What would be the best college for horse trainers and horse riding instructors?

I've been accepted into an Iowa community college recently for Equine Management, however I'd like to look at some other options also. I live in South Dakota currently, and I would prefer to stay close to South Dakota in case something happens and I need to come back home. Where did you go to college? Did you go to college at all? If so, do you feel that what you've learned there helps you in your day-to-day job with horses? Thank you! #horse #equine #horseriding #horseridinginstructor #horsetrainer

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1 answer

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Jessica’s Answer

The University of Findlay! It's tough program, but you'll leave more prepared than you would from any other college program. It's the only program where you ride five days a week (plus weekends), and is regionally accredited, meaning any credits you may already have will transfer easily if you're attending another regionally-accredited school (most common). I'm an alumni of the Hunter/Jumper program, and I entered my freshman year not nearly as prepared as I thought I was. The program combined with extensive effort and work experience has put me in a position where I now run my own operation in Greater Los Angeles, coaching other equestrians and selling show horses.

You get out of the program what you put in. Riders from this program are regularly placed into positions with leading trainers, but it's important to remember that standing out with extensive work ethic, being coachable and aiming to be the best in the class is vastly important.

The most important thing to remember is that a college with a few "equine" courses is not the same as a college with a dedicated equine program. Findlay is one of only three colleges I'm aware of that run any semblance of a comprehensive equestrian program, and all three in Ohio. Findlay is the only one with programs in Western and English (you choose a specialty), and the English programs are broken down into Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing.

Please find me on LinkedIn if you have any questions. I specialize in educating aspiring trainers and regularly place them into full time employment when they have obtained sufficient qualifications.

Jessica recommends the following next steps:

Contact the University of Findlay admissions department with any program questions. Ask who to speak to regarding the equestrian program enrollment process.