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What is a normal day at wor look like?

Asked Tucson, Arizona

I just want to know what you guys do on a daily basis. #medical #doctor

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Michelle’s Answer


Because this answer can vary greatly, in just talk about my experiences as a certified nurse-midwife. Most midwives work in an office setting and often also deliver babies in a hospital. When in the office, we see anywhere from 15+ to 30 patients a day. Visits last 15-30 minutes typically. Charting is no longer done on paper unfortunately, so some chart on a laptop in the room, others chart later. Even if you aren't really feeling it, you have to be personable, friendly, and if course, compassionate. Most of the time this is easy, but it is indeed draining by the end of the day. So office days are very tiring, then you have to compete your charts in the EMR. Charting was easy on paper, but TERRIBLE using EMR. That is because you are at its mercy--no internet, crashes, bugs, running slowly, etc. Paper doesn't have these issues! And it's generally 3x as time consuming as paper. Many providers take their work home and finish it there each evening. Hospital coverage in many ways is easier, other than the part about being up all night sometimes. But overall I really enjoy my work. Patients are endlessly interesting and mostly appreciative of us, and it is mentally challenging because each situation and patient is different. Truthfully, changes in medicine over the last 10 years or so have made things so much more difficult though.

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