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What is a typical day as a hairdresser like?

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2 answers

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Angelica’s Answer

Branding is so important with this job choice. I have 2 friends who are hairdresser. 1 initially worked in a salon but now that she has built up her clientele, she has opened her own. Scheduling is vital and being familiar with timing helps with scheduling. What I mean by that is being sure not to overbook yourself. You don't want to upset customers when they have to wait long periods. For example, I made an appointment with 1 of my friends who owns her own salons and she did not factor in the time frame it would take to do her previous appointment hair; which led to a long wait time for me. Luckily for her, I am a dear friend and did not have anywhere to be but that it not the case for everyone. So being considerate of clients time as well as your own so that way you are not overworked and tired is important. Remember, word of mouth is a valuable advertisement tool.

Thank you so much I will make sure to do that when I start business. Colleen K.

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Tekia’s Answer

Hello Colleen!  I have many friends in this profession and your day is based off scheduling and organization.  As a hair stylist it's extremely important to have a good resource for scheduling appointments, responding to clients and also building  your brand.  Creating a calendar and sticking to your calendar would benefit you best.

Thank you so much this as very helpful Colleen K.