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Whats your first choice career and how are you planning on accomplishing it?

Asked Portland, Oregon

Go in Depth about how you planning on achieving your Goals :)
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Tushar’s Answer

Updated Columbia, South Carolina

Venture capital (VC) within life sciences. After completing undergrad I was convinced I wanted to do research, but slowly found that I enjoyed the strategic and business side of science. I took on a mentor lead role for medical device hackathon and helped co-found an environmental accelerator to combine my interest in health and environment. Both led me to deciding in continuing my education by getting a Masters in Biomedical Innovation and Development. While pursuing my degree I became involved 2 VC engagements to learn the ropes of early stage investing. I am now in management consulting to gain skills in effectively summarizing large amounts of information and presenting to clients involved within healthcare. Moving forward I am positioning myself to be involved in mergers & acquisitions and due diligence work to improve my financial capabilities. I plan to re-evaluate myself in 2 years to see my standing and what I have accomplished on my engagements. I have been considering an MBA, but shall see where my path takes me in the next 2 years.

Tushar recommends the following next steps:

  • Write down your career choice and frame it for 2 - 5 years to set short term goals.