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Asked Chaska, Minnesota

How does one narrow down their career paths in the medical field when they aren't completely sure of their interests? #medicine #career

2 answers

Bonnie’s Answer


Get in contact with a guidance counselor at a community college. Many, if not most, medical careers will require a Bachelors degree which will require diverse science courses as well as general education requirements. Rochester Community College in Minnesota offers a program that is intended for transfer to the University. Oftentimes, students will identify areas of interest as they are proceeding through their undergraduate studies and then can more readily state their major. If you are not interested in pursuing a Bachelors degree then you could contact your local Vocational Education Department and/or research the same opportunities online. Some healthcare institutions provide career advancement opportunities for employees as well.

Bonnie recommends the following next steps:

  • Contact community college guidance counselor (if interested in degree)
  • Contact vocational education counselor or do internet search of the same if not interested in degree or if prefer vocational certification (ie certified nursing assistant) prior to entering degree program.

Nakisha Renee’s Answer


Hi Taylor,

You might consider doing informational interviews or job shadows (less than a day) of people who work in different medical occupations. It's hard to tell from the outside looking in without an inside guide. I have found it most helpful to see things in person rather than hearing about it from someone who doesn't work in the field you are interested in.

Are there volunteer opportunities where you can spend time inside of medical offices to see the work that people do upclose? It's a free way to find out if you want to dedicate the time and effort to getting certain educational and skill requirements for a job. Great to know in advance!

Wish you the best!

Nakisha Renee recommends the following next steps:

  • Search for people you could ask to do an informational interview (30 min - 45mins) to ask about a day in their life.
  • Consider if there are job shadow opportunities, which might come from the informational interviews.
  • Look for volunteer opportunities in your local community at medical institutions.