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Is astrology like learning a religion since it is not proven by science?

I am a Junior in high school and I am interested in astrology. First, I had a hard time telling the difference between astronomy and astrology until I saw that astrology was not proven by science. I wonder since it's not proven by science, what and how would people be learning in that field.
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Mr. Ernst’s Answer

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Sheila C,

The art of star gazing is a hobby turned learning course and profession that stretches far back into AM (Anno Mundi). Now with that being established, astrology is the study of celestial bodies and has its branches withing sociology, psychology and humanism. Astronomy on the other hand deals with the physical objects of space this has its branches in naturalism, veristic works and graphics. Astrology does not have to be proven by science in order for you to be instructed and obtain experience, knowledge and mental skills from its various degrees and dynamic levels. Look at it like this you are learning about how to interpret the physical world and the mechanisms behind the influences within it. It is no religion but a pastime turned profession. I wish you the bets on your journey.

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