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What are the daily struggles of a medical assistant?

Asked Oakland, California

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Alicia’s Answer


The daily struggles of medical assistants can vary from place to place. When I was a Medical assistant for a small independent family practice, my struggle involved time management in the beginning. On days I had two providers I would have to keep my orders organized between the two, eventually I learned to anticipate what they would be requesting based on the type of visit it was, which you will come naturally for you in time. My orders could be EKG, blood and urine while another one could be just a pregnancy test. They all had to be completed in the time the doctor was with the next patient. For larger practices the struggle is finding the time to answer messages in the EMR system. Multi-tasking while running patients can become overwhelming. Another struggle, and it is rare, is those you work with. I was fortunate enough to have skilled MA's and RNs doing administrative tasks that I could call on if necessary, but in some places you might end up being the person that often gets called upon.

Alicia recommends the following next steps:

  • Develop and improve time management skills.