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What are the requirements to becoming a paramedic?

Do I need to go to any specific college or anything along the lines of that. #medical

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Samantha’s Answer

Updated Bayonne, New Jersey

Hello Alonso. The requirements to become a paramedic vary from state to state and from school to school. In California, students generally have to complete an EMT basic training program (which takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.) These programs are offered by community colleges, technical institutes and in some cases, four year colleges. In California, students also have to pass an exam in order to get certified and complete a certain amount of hours of training.

This website gives you more information about the entire process:


Most institutions that offer an EMT training program will advertise it on their website.

Samantha recommends the following next steps:

  • You can reach out to specific schools and institute to find out more about their EMT programs.
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