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What was your most challenging aspect?

Asked Tucson, Arizona

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Hugo’s Answer

As an anesthesiologist, the most challenging aspect of my career is realizing that after finishing years of education and training I am ultimately an employee of a system designed for profit. I genuinely entered medicine to help others and the educational challenge to keep me stimulated and fulfilled. What I found is that a great income can change my motives while keeping me internally conflicted. I ultimately, became the chairman of my department to make changes without realizing the "system" is not designed to keep me healthy. I averaged 120hrs of work and lost contact with important people in my life along with poor self care. Looking back, if I can offer any advice, is care for yourself through life balance- family, friends, health, work. Self awareness through keeping yourself surrounded and healthy will keep you on track to overcome any challenging aspect life will throw at you- a practice i'm continually working on.

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