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If I have bachelors in aircraft maintenance , can I work at aerospace companies ? And what work would I get as. ?

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Brittany’s Answer

Hello Tirth,

Having a bachelor's in Aircraft maintenance would definitely put you on the right track to getting hired with many different aerospace companies. First off, the fact that your degree focuses specially on the engineering aspects of aircraft it would be a no brainier that these companies would want to take you in to work for them. You degree is tailored to the ends and outs of what needs to be done to accurately and precisely fly any aircraft.

Some specific jobs tailored to this degree, that you might have a shot at getting are Aircraft Manufacturing engineers who are responsible for developing and installing different types of systems for certain types of aircrafts. Another one you might find interesting is Aerospace systems engineer since it directly related to your specific degree. Also Start looking into companies such as Boeing and try to see what they look for in specific individuals who have this particular degree.