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How is your day to day routine?

Asked Providence, Rhode Island

How does your day go? Regarding your patients and the routine you set up for yourself everyday. #healthcare #healthcare #cna

2 answers

Rajelakshmi’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hi Priscila,

I am a fitness coach & a program manager at an international firm, so the routine will change based on the profession a person is catering too.

However to give you a brief of my routine from a health care industry,

  1. 1 Hour of client assessment
  2. 1.5hours of habit building
  3. 30mins of exercise routine
  4. 1 hour on diet & nutrition

The above routine remains same irrespective of number of clients scheduled in the day.

Hope this helps!!

Gina’s Answer

Updated Gilbert, Arizona

Everyone's day to day will be different in healthcare. No matter what title you carry. I may be able to get a patient do something that you can't and you may be able to get them to do something I can't. Over time you will get a routine down and adjust as needed. Good Luck!! Sorry no set in stone answer for that one.