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what do you like least about material handling operation distribution operation

Asked Fremont, Iowa

what do you like the least about material handling operation distribution operations #job

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Wayne’s Answer

Updated Cincinnati, Ohio

Interesting question. I've been working in the material handling and distribution field for most of my career. I've found that it can either be a very rewarding experience or one that co-workers get discouraged with and leave. There are all types of operations and a lot of jobs to choose from. Some companies are very concerned about their employees while others are not as attentive.

Your question suggests that you may have already had a less than satisfying experience in this area. If so, I would recommend not giving up on the career and its opportunities. The bottom line is that every company relies on some sort of material handling/distribution operation. Whether it's stocking shelves/bins in a manufacturing facility or stocking grocery shelves for a bottling company. Office based companies are not immune. They rely on mail and package deliveries as well as coffee service and vending machine services.

When I look at the bigger picture, I see how this career has so many opportunities that if a person works hard, they can always find a job with a chance for advancement. If I were to pick one thing that I liked least was the tendency for those around me to perform at levels lower than what they are capable of. It has a negative effect on morale and is the downfall of many a good person.

If you are looking at a career in this field, you will be performing a great service. Do your best and you will be rewarded. Ignore those around who may not be satisfied and remain positive. Talk to your supervisor and ask what they would suggest you work on to get a promotion and then work on those items. A lot of times it is a matter of learning a new skill such as Microsoft Office (or a comparable tool), or even working on a degree. It could be a simple as taking company provided training courses.

Whatever you do, do your best and remain positive.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!

Wayne recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk to your supervisor and get advice on what opportunities might become available and what you would need to do to be ready when they present themselves.
  • Work on those items and prepare for the next step.
  • Be patient! Do your best and it will be noticed.