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michael Jan 31, 2019 498 views

what do you like least about material handling operation distribution operation

what do you like the least about material handling operation distribution operations #job

Cassidy’s Avatar
Cassidy Jan 11, 2019 697 views

How did you figure out what the right career path was for you?

#undecided #career-choice #major

Hadlea’s Avatar
Hadlea Oct 12, 2018 659 views

What other career paths, besides teaching, would be a good path to go on with a Major in Spanish?

I've taken 6 years in Spanish already and I am going to major in Spanish in college. I am thinking about teaching Spanish after getting my degree, but I am also curious what other career options i could have. #career-choice

Karly’s Avatar
Karly May 31, 2018 963 views

How to find your perfect career?

I love chemistry and different sciences but I don’t know what career would fit me best. Any advice? #career #career-counseling #job-search #career-path #career-choice

Mercedes’s Avatar
Mercedes Jul 01, 2018 807 views

What are career options for people who like to organize things?

I want to be a ogranizer I like to organize I bunch of things but my peers and older adults always ask me what type of organizer but I had no clue what to respond because I’m not aware of the different organizer careers #career #career #career-choice

Kendyll’s Avatar
Kendyll Jul 18, 2018 1133 views

If I am not sure what I want to do yet for a career, what should I do my first few years of college?

Is it okay to go to a four year private university if I don't know what I want to do yet? And what classes do I take in order to help me figure that out? #career-paths #career #career-choice

Gina’s Avatar
Gina Jul 13, 2018 602 views

Is it more likely to get the career you really want or your backup career?


Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio May 06, 2018 926 views

What is a major that I'd be able to use in any part of the world?

I am currently going into my Junior year of college and I am kind of undecided with regards to what I want to major in. Due to some circumstances, I don't know how long I will be able to reside within the United States. I want to graduate before that decision has to be made, but I want to major...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Mar 19, 2018 1111 views

How does one choose the best career path for oneself?

I would like to know what are the most important factors when considering the best career path for oneself. I realize money is obviously important, however what about work-life balance, intrinsic and extrinsic awards, the speed of career progression, the type of education required to pursue the...

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Feb 27, 2018 983 views

How do I decide what college to go to if I don’t know what I want to do?

For pretty much my entire life I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian and I had everything planned out (what classes to take in high school, where to go to college, etc). However, I recently job shadowed a vet and now I don’t think that’s what I want to do. I’m a junior in high school and I...

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Jan 03, 2018 802 views

How much money do you get in a normal career?

Because I wanna work on a job that gives you enough money. #money #career #career-choice

Kole’s Avatar
Kole Jan 16, 2018 937 views

How can I find a career choice when my interests and strengths are so varied?

I can't figure out how to make a career out of my strengths. I'm "not bad" in school (b average); great at sports (not great enough to make a living off them); good with leadership and community involvement (but would rather play tennis). So I'm not sure where I fit into a "career path."...

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jun 30, 2016 1481 views

How to find a mentor in University?

Hi all. Over the past year I have been reading books, watching youtube videos, and talking with various people on the topics of self-development, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. However, I'm missing a mentor figure in my life. How do you recommend finding a mentor, whether it be a professor...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 21, 2018 706 views

What is most rewarding about being an adult in the working world?

Most adults will work super hard during college to reach their desired profession, and once they get there they more often than not feel a sense of accomplishment in their lives. I want to know what keeps people from becoming burnt out in their careers, what is it about what you do that puts a...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Feb 15, 2017 6930 views

What are the benefits of being a boy scout?

A few of my friends have recently gotten involved in scouting, and it seems like it takes up a lot of their time. Some of them tell me that they are doing it so they can put in on their college applications. Do colleges value boy scouts (or eagle scouts, for that matter)? Is it something that I...