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Is a Toyota a career

Yes it is a career

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1 answer

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Jackson’s Answer

Brayden: I have to admit that I am not qualified to answer your question. However, I am going to answer it anyway.

No, Toyota is a Motor Manufacturing company in Georgetown, Kentucky and NOT a career. But you know that already.

Having said that, I did a quick search in Wikipedia and I learned that Toyota Motor Manufacturing USA was established in 1986. Toyota is one of the top 10 car manufactures in the world. Can one build a solid career by working for Toyota? Absolutely yes. Can anyone guarantee car manufacture job will remain in Georgetown, Kentucky indefinitely? Absolutely not.

Therefore, to build a long career with Toyota is the same process as building a long career with any solid company. As an employee, do you possess the skills and talent that the company is looking for? Are your skills easily replaced by automation and robotics?