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What will be the new technology in the near future?

Asked Port Orange, Florida

Will the new technology changes the world? #tech

2 answers

Fatima’s Answer

Great question! There are many types of new technology that will be more widespread in the future.

  1. Artificial Intelligence - AI models are becoming more prevalent in society today and are in early stages. In the near future, more and more tech will use AI.
  2. Blockchain - Blockchain is also in its nascent stages and has many applications. Blockchain can be used to create contracts of all types, like described by the user above.
  3. Internet of things - even the most commonplace items that currently don't involve technology may involve it in the future. (ex. smart fridges) This will become more common.
  4. Privacy and security tech - since tech is growing and people are providing more data, the privacy and security technology industries will grow as well.

Fatima recommends the following next steps:

  • Learn about these technologies by reading articles and determine which one interests you (or find another one that does).
  • Attend conferences and talk to other professionals working on these issues. You can find these by looking for meetups and other events in your city. If they are very expensive, ask the organizer if students can attend for free or if there is a discount or scholarship available. Sometimes there are panels on these in bigger tech conferences, other times they're called "Future of.. [work/tech/etc.]" conferences.
  • Like Michele said, you should think of a reason why it would benefit your community, whether as a student or otherwise. Then, you should blog about the application of the concept to you (via Medium or other channel) and tweet about it.
  • Engage with others working on similar issues via Twitter/social media.

Michele’s Answer

Updated Denver, Colorado

Alicia, this is such a great question. It is one that is continually asked as technology never rests, it evolves continually and creates new opportunities.

I believe the next game changer for technology will be widespread adoption of blockchain. Blockchain provides the ability to secure transactions and make them unchangable on the internet. It is the technology that underlies crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and so many more.

Blockchain is designed to take out the middle men in processes. It is designed to be its own secure process that does not need middle men for checking accuracy. It digitizes the transaction. For example why couldn't you just have a digital wallet with all your information needed for applying for a job. In that wallet you might have your credentials from graduating from college. When you apply for a job that information is automatically verified and there is no waiting on a response from the college to the employer, it is simply data that is part of you.

Walmart is going to use blockchain to verify the safety and transportation of its products, especially food. So we can trace our food back to where it was grown, how it was shipped and handled. As purchasers we can see and verify how safe our food really is.

Michele recommends the following next steps:

  • Do some research on block chain and how others are using it - just google and see what you come up with
  • Think of a reason why block chain could benefit you or your community