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Is Data science a right field to pursue ones career ?? Also if i have to start now what are some good resources ??

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BHARGAV’s Answer


Data science has evolved in the recent years into new industry. Definitely we will see more demand for data skills in every job. I will suggest you to start with www.coursera.com where you can register and audit the data science courses for free. These course will give you idea of theories and application of data science. But, I will warn you that the theory is more mathematics intensive. In practice you may end up with some programming libraries to work with.

Even before you start , here is a basic division of the data industry..

Data acquisition, Data management and Data processing ( or Data interpretation)

Data acquisition is from sensors, or websites, or human surveys. This is where most of the work force is required.

Data management is about how to save in servers, access large data and often different types of data. This requires in depth knowledge of servers and administration, and some new file systems like hadoop(many more).

Data processing this is where many people use the statistical and machine learning tools to take meaningful actions from the data. This is often referred as data science or persons who program this is referred as Data scientist.

I know this a lot to go over, but if you are interested in this field this basic explanation gives idea on what to search for in the internet.

Good luck!

Rao’s Answer


Data Science is a very hot field right now (more jobs than applicants). First survey a few web sites such as https://www.datasciencecentral.com/, and read a few books such as Doing Data Science: Straight Talk from the Frontline 1. Second decide on what kind of a data science professional you want to be. For example, Gartner defines a Citizen Data Scientist as “a person who creates or generates models that leverage Predictive or Prescriptive Analytics but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics.”


Once you understand the scope of what you need to do, look around a) formal on line training (best since this gives you a structured approach), or b) YouTube videos c) or learning environments such as Udemy. Math and Statistics are needed, but not in intense sort of a way. Computer Science skills are needed only as far as understanding how to bring in the data, cleaning the data, choosing the right algorithms, validating/verifying your results, and finally visually presenting your conclusions. With the right focus/dedication/guidance you can become a citizen data scientist in about a year.