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is urban forestry fun

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Ben’s Answer

Interesting topic, Michael. I do not work in urban forestry, but I can tell you this: there are lots of people out there who might find it boring, and there are lots of others who would find it fun. I do know that urban forestry is VERY important!

First of all, the heat island effect is a very concerning health and safety issue. If you live in a city, you know that cement and pavement can absorb heat and make cities much hotter than nearby woods-y areas! Urban forestry can help reduce this problem through greening of rooftops, more and bigger park areas, and proper care of isolated urban flora.

Second of all, drainage is a growing issue in cities. With climate change, we are already experiencing more frequent and stronger storms, and when we get a lot of rainfall, it is helpful to have tree and plant coverage in cities to absorb as much of that water as possible. Otherwise, all of the water has nowhere to go but the sewers, and when those overflow that's when floods start. So the more tree coverage you can get in cities, the less it can flood!

Finally, trees provide a tremendous mental health benefit to people living around them. Here are some benefits of having green space in cities, and I'd like to point out one in particular: "Individuals reported less mental distress and higher life satisfaction when they were living in greener areas." It's amazing but true that plants and trees make people around them happier!

In summary, I would say that urban forestry IS fun, simply because it's so important! After all, what isn't fun about helping people and making the world more beautiful?

Thanks for asking this question!

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Sean’s Answer

I enjoy it greatly. Its hard work, but there are many options in urban forestry to suit your needs. Trees provide many benefits in urban areas with more and more communities looking to protect those resources. Its necessary for the Trees to be managed in an urban setting. I own and operate a tree care company. I enjoy the interaction with the customers, helping them protect their trees, recommend new ones. We climb most trees we remove/prune and enjoy the exercise and being outdoors.