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Zac B. Mar 05, 2019 198 views

Is technology making mankind less intelligent?

Is technology making mankind less intelligent?...


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J F. Mar 05, 2019 294 views

Is a MS/MCS degree necessary to work in machine learning engineering

I've seen that quite a few #machine-learning job listings prefer or require graduate degrees. How important is it to get a graduate degree if I want to work in this field? Also, does the professional Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree give me as much of a competitive advantage as MS in...

#tech #computer-science #data-science

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michael R. Mar 13, 2019 161 views
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aa A. Mar 30, 2019 131 views

How to be a data Scientist

I have been looking for Data Scientist job for 6 months, but still no offer, so...

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Guanlong F. Apr 01, 2019 283 views

What is the job market for entry-level data scientist right now?

I am looking for a data science job, but it looks like there are less entry level postings than senior level postings. #data-science #computer-science #job-search...