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What is the job market for entry-level data scientist right now?

I am looking for a data science job, but it looks like there are less entry level postings than senior level postings. #data-science #computer-science #job-search #job-market

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3 answers

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Ben’s Answer

Guanlong - I would assume a big reason for this is that data scientists are generally responsible for leading projects, which is not something entry-level candidates are trusted with. Generally speaking, data scientists often start out as programmers or data analysts and work their way up to the data scientist level. As an entry-level candidate, you may want to consider applying for programming or data analyst positions as an initial stepping stone towards becoming a data scientist. While getting a job is not easy, perhaps you could work harder towards roles on teams in which you work with or for data scientists so you can learn from their perspectives, backgrounds and skills.

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Rod’s Answer

Getting your first job is always tricky. Jobs ask for experience but you need a job to get experience!

Help is at hand though. Later this month Kaggle are holding their annual career convention for people who want to find their first job in data science.

Rod recommends the following next steps:

The Kaggle career conference that is definitely worth looking at ( Also they have a job board showing what is available now ( Best of all they have competitions ( that give you the chance to try out your skills, learn new stuff, build a network and get noticed!

Thanks a lot, Rod! Guanlong F.

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Dinesh’s Answer

The space of data science is huge and covers many different problems, professional roles, and career trajectories.

As there is a lot of scope for a career in data science, the knowledge of these languages play a major role in building your Career in Data Science. Programming is a must in all the fields these days. Especially when you are dealing with data. But having knowledge only in programming don't yield you much. To consider this, let's take a look at the general question that might arise. I would suggest go for some online courses.

Skills You’ll Need: Knowledge of algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and broad knowledge of programming languages such as R and Python. Broad knowledge of how to structure a data problem, from framing the right questions to ask, to communicating the results effectively.

Dinesh recommends the following next steps:
Go For some online courses

Thanks a lot Dinesh! Guanlong F.