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How do you become a Nurse Anesthetists

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2 answers

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Richard’s Answer

After high school it takes about 4 years of university to become a registered nurse.
After time spent working as a nurse, including 2 years of critical care, one can apply to CRNA school, which takes an additional 2-3 years.

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Erin M’s Answer

To become a nurse anesthetist you go to nursing school first. Then you generally have to work as a RN in an ICU for two years. After that you apply for openings to become a nurse anesthetist.

Erin M recommends the following next steps:

I would see if you like the culture of ICUs and operating rooms. Each can be different, but they are all fast-paced and can be intense. Once in nursing school, there are usually electives that you can sign up for that will give you a good idea. Another fast-paced nursing career can be in Emergcency Departments. They generally employ RNs and LPNs.
Some hospitals have student volunteer positions for students who are interested in nursing anesthetist positions.