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If my strengths are being a quick learner and having physically and mentally strength what job best suits me?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

4 answers

Vivian’s Answer

Hello, I think with all these characteristics, you can go very far with your career. However, I think the most important thing is you need to figure out what you like and what you don't like. It might be hard to know what exactly you like to do, but it's always easier to know what you don't like to do. I will start trying out different positions and reading related to books to see if you like the topic and materials.

Gabrielle (Gabby)’s Answer

Updated Campbell, California

Hi there, those are great strengths to have! I'd recommend first figuring out what career path you'd like to take...do you want to go into finance? Maybe being an investment banker would be a great career, since it requires hours and a workload that tend to require tremendous mental strength! Maybe the military could be a good route for you, since you mentioned physical and mental strength. There are so many options where you could leverage your strengths, but I would first consider the direction you'd want to take your career (field / industry) and then narrow down specific jobs.

Aian’s Answer

Hello! Those are two great skills that could help you out in a business career. Businesses are constantly changing and for this reason you need to be a quick learner, also in any business environment, there are certain times in the year where it gets busy, and for this you need mental endurance, so a business career is my best suggestion.

Mihir’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I would recommend a job role in sales.

This role requires you to think on the go and ensure that you have enough energy/strength to go with the everyday grind of the job. This will take you a long way.