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How do I get that quick cash?

Updated Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3 answers

Colin’s Answer

Hi Edwin,

Thanks for the question. I am not super familiar with the term "quick cash". But I think it may mean easy money or to get money without doing any work.

In my experience you should be very skeptical of "quick cash", generally I think it is very hard to get money without putting in effort.

If you have a more granular question please let me know.

Amy’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Hi Edwin, please if you find out the secret to get quick cash, let everyone know! The only advice i can give you is that if you work hard for something it will pay off.

Ed’s Answer

Updated Dublin, County Dublin

Sorry for the life spoiler but there's no such thing as easy money / quick cash. "Easy come, easy go" (Freddy sang) - applies to strategies in life too. If you want to see your money grow, you could start investing (create a diverse portfolio including gov treasury, stock options, p2p lending, S&P, etc).