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What are 3 imporant things i should know about this job?

Asked Rochester, New York

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Vijayanand’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

Three questions that you should ask yourself every day

  1. Am I relevant - this comes with aligning your goals and work with your team's objectives
  2. Am I making an impact - this is the work you put in to achieve the goals and create a differentiator for yourself
  3. Am I learning & growing - this is all about - what does this mean to me

If you answer a "no" to any of these questions, you should rethink the job you are in.

Greg’s Answer

Updated La Quinta, California
  1. What is expected from me? Make sure you have a clear understanding of what your boss and his bosses expect from you. This serves 2 purposes: you know what you need to do. Makes sure that you are in line with the overall company goals.
  2. How do I make my boss a hero? Whether at home or work, you should always thinking about what you do and how it affects your boss.
  3. This step requires you do some work; figure out where you want to be in 5 /10 years. Are you moving towards or away from that person in your current job. What do I need to do to move towards my 5 year goal.

Greg recommends the following next steps:

  • Jobs duties and responsibilities?
  • What makes my boss a success and how do I help get him into that position?
  • What is my 5 year and 10 years career goals?
  • Write those 3 questions down and based on the info above answer them. Print the answers out, put them on your wall and hold yourself accountable.

Ben’s Answer

Updated Berkeley, California

1) What skills and experiences have others brought to the job and been successful?

2) Are the hiring manager and your peers people you are excited to work with?

3) How does this job fit in with your personal/professional goals?

Heather’s Answer

Aside from the things noted above, I think most importantly you need to ask yourself if you are happy within the job. In the end, you need to like your job and most other things should fall in line!

Jalpa’s Answer

Updated Milpitas, California

Do i really love this work?

Can i learn something which may help me in my end goal?

Is this work relevant to your skills?

If you have "Yes" for all, you should take that job!