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what is the highest pay in truck driving ?

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Rohit’s Answer

That number varies a lot. But a good starting point is most companies seem to start rookie drivers at or around $45k/yr.

In an ideal world I could make some bank. Governed at 65mph. 11 hours/day, 70 hours/8 days

Technically I could make 715 mi/day, 4290 mi/wk, 17,160 mi/month at 66 driving hours a week. $8900.00/mo gross pay

(My brain works funny so ignore any oddities)

That's ideal miles but not easily done.

Let's say you manage your hours in such a way that you never go past your 70 hr limit.

Say 8.5 drove hours a day.

Mandatory 15 minute pre-trip every day. That's exactly 70 hours every 8 days yes? mathematically there shouldn't be any need to reset your hours because your recap will be perfect every day.

Work like that for 365 days at 52 cents/mile and you could make about $120k. But what about home time?

My account offers 1 days off for every 6 days worked. Roughly 60 days a year, or half what a normal worker would receive.

That equates to about $102k a year.

That's the possible income for a maxed out solo driver for that company. Assuming $.52/mi is their cap.

But in reality it's not nearly so simple. I make a few cents less per mile running teams and barely grossed half that last year. I'd love higher pay but I'm certainly happy with what I got. Driving is relatively easy, but it is definitely not for everyone.