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Train, manage, agents, and run day to day operati o ns of the brokerage
Management Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Tampa, Florida
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Jalia May 21, 2023 312 views

What steps should I take to enter the realty and creative realty workforce?

Me and my partner are thinking about starting a realty business after we finish school. I’ve done some researching and I have a lot of questions. - Do we need the real estate broker license to lease and rent to residents? Is it a good idea to get the Real estate broker license to lease and...

Baran’s Avatar
Baran Jul 10, 2023 267 views

Will I make good money if I get my license and work as a real estate agent in san jose California??

I am now debating between different potential options I can have in different careers and becoming a real estate agents is one of them. I’ve heard mixed answers from people. Some say you can make good money and some say it is very hard and not good salary
Which one is true. I’m so lost

kayla’s Avatar
kayla Jul 10, 2023 352 views

What are the qualifications for being a realtor?

Do you need college? If so how many years and what major? If not what kind of education do you need?

Dwayne’s Avatar
Dwayne May 17, 2021 1061 views

What is the highest percentage of pay can a real estate agent be paid from selling a home or any type of property?


jennel’s Avatar
jennel Apr 23, 2021 2228 views

What are the steps to become a real estate agent

#real estate # future #real-estate

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 01, 2019 541 views

what is the highest pay in truck driving ?

#CDL #Truckdriving

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Oct 27, 2020 827 views

What steps do you need to take to become a Real estate agent

I am in 8th grade. My teacher told my class that we had to pick 3 jobs that we were interested in. I decided to choose a Real estate agent. I really want to learn what they do. #realestate #student #classes

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jan 16, 2018 775 views

How will I know I've picked the right major to study in college?

I'm going to be heading to college this fall and I'm worried if I'll be able to pick the right major for me. Advisers always tell us that a lot of people go to college undecided, but I'm afraid I would be wasting time and money if I go undecided.

#Collegedecisions #Scholarship

Kailynn’s Avatar
Kailynn Apr 18, 2018 769 views

How do you decide of the school is right for you?

I have a lot of schools that I'm choosing from some of which are HBCUs and others are PWIs. Some are bigger schools and some are smaller schools. I'm not sure where I would like to go so I applied to many schools. I don't know how to narrow down my schools to one.#collegedecisions