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What are the steps to become a real estate agent

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3 answers

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Armand’s Answer

1) Talk to someone you know about what their experience is like being an agent.
2) Try to find out who the top producers are in your area and ask to interview them. You'd be very surprised how many top agents, in spite of how busy they are, are willing to give some of their time to someone that is proactive and reaching out to them for advice!
3) Read this great book about some of the inside scoop on what it takes to succeed in the business: "21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me".
4) Find out which of the local real estate companies have great training programs. These will being training sessions that go beyond the very basic classes you'll need to take to become licensed. Make connections with the company you feel might be the best fit. After you get your license, you'll want to sign up with one of these companies and begin their training. DO NOT join a small company with only one or two agents. There simply will not be enough mentoring available there to get you thru the tough times.
5) Prepare to take the State accredited course to get your license.
6) Take the course and the exam. NOTE: do not be concerned if you fail the exam! Many top producers failed their exams the first time they took it, too! Some of them even failed multiple times - but they persevered!
7) Join a good company with solid ethics, solid people and take their training.
8) Find one particularly strong agent and ask them to be your mentor.

Thank you so much jennel J.

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Julio’s Answer

Real Estate agent licensing requirements vary from State to state; Here in Florida licensing is obtained through The Department of Business and Profefessional Regulation (DBPR), there are requirements of schooling which can be obtained through Professional Business schools, Real Estate Schools, and State universities (Some Universities in Florida , offer curriculum that meets or exceeeds state requirements for licensing).

But what is more important is understanding what the business is about (pros & cons) not just the license requirement, that part is easier, making a success in the Real Estate Business, is another. I am a Real Estate Instructor, A Broker-owner of my own office, and have been in the Biz for 25+ years. The Pre-license school teaches only the minimum the state wants before a license, "how-to" do real estate comes with additional schooling or training, that is why I like agents who went the university route to a license, they have a business, financial, Real Estate law and accounting education to support the business success.

So sign-up for a state approved pre-license class or enroll in a state university offering Real Estate as part of their Business college curriculem, take and pass the state exam and go to work. Talk to Brokers in the Biz, like myself to prepare for what is ahead; my preference is the college route, because even if you stop or fail at real estate you still have a business degree to go into another job or career (a good back-up plan).
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Job’s Answer

Simply study and take the real estate license test for the state you are interested in practicing real estate.

thank you. How long does it normally take to become a real estate agent jennel J.