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What classes should I take in college for real estate.

I'm a junior in high school and still determining what I want to go to college for but I have some ideas. Real estate College

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3 answers

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Tammy’s Answer

I agree with the prior answer, there are many fields in real estate to choose from. I recommend you evaluate what you like to do and narrow down what area of real estate you are interested in.
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Thomas’s Answer

Real estate is a great career field to go into. There are lots of opportunities in both commercial and residential real estate.

There are not specific classes you must take in college to become a real estate agent. You an become a real estate agent be passing an exam and becoming licensed. However, it might be helpful to take some business classes while you are in college Ex. marketing, finance, economics, management etc. I would also recommend communication or speech classes. As a real estate agent, you will likely be talking with many people, and you will want to be comfortable and confident in communicating.
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Elana’s Answer

Hi Sean,
Technically and legally, you dont' need college classes for this field. You will need to take state exams to qualify to become a licensed real estate agent.

That said, it would help to have a solid understanding of marketing, finance and sales. All those will help you be successful.
You could take these courses as a non-degree "special student" if you are not ready to commit to a degree program.

Good luck!

Elana recommends the following next steps:

Informational interviews with residential realtors
Informational interviews with commercial agents
Informational interviews with developers