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What steps should I take to enter the realty and creative realty workforce?

Me and my partner are thinking about starting a realty business after we finish school. I’ve done some researching and I have a lot of questions. - Do we need the real estate broker license to lease and rent to residents? Is it a good idea to get the Real estate broker license to lease and rent to residents as a form of income before getting into the other aspects of realty and the realty business? Is college necessary to become a real estate broker? If not and we do decide to still gain higher education, what paths, majors, minors, and degrees would you recommend? What do I need to become and official architect? Will it be easier to get that title if I am already considered a real estate broker and have interior architectural experience? What counts as architectural experience? Do games and software that specialize in interior architecture and architecture count as experience? What advice do yu have for someone who doesn’t have a clear path on how to start a realty business? Can a real estate broker hire mortgage agents? If not, are we able to hire a mortgage broker who can hire the mortgage agents under our company mortgage department?

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