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Are there any engineering programs available in the NYC area that I can get hands on experience in?

I have been accepted to SUNY Buffalo and to SUNY Alfred under Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, respectively. I am a fan of hands on work, since I believe that is the best way to gain experience in any field. I have gotten back into computer programming in high school and I am impressed by how quickly I have adjusted to the course after a brief hiatus. While I have had fun in that class and finding out the different code needed for each project, usually working with my hands have brought me more satisfaction in my work and have looked into more hands on majors that reside in the engineering field.

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Michael’s Answer

Good news is you should have plenty of hands on experience in college. You may want to venture into some robotics classes in college as you will be working on code that translates directly into some sort of robotic actuation. In regards to NYC activities, I would Google competitions that involve robotics. I don't know of any off the top of my head, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could find some small competitions that you don't need a large team to take part in.

You should definitely look at Meetup website and search in the NYC area for robotics lovers or people interested in coding. If you don't find a group, then create one and do what you love while practicing to become a leader!