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What do I have to work on to become a badminton player?

What skills do I have to have? What kind of training should I do? #athlete

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2 answers

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Rajesh Kumar’s Answer

Hi Kanon, Good to know your interest in badminton. Being an athlete is not easy. You have to work hard to become an badminton player. First to start with improve your footwork on ground, it will help to improve your skill to hold on game. Then start learning the badminton strokes and techniques and practice with proper footwork.

I am a player and I believe following the above way of learning will help you to become best one in future. All the best....!!!


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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Kanon! I'm a former collegiate athlete and although I did not play badminton - I can give you advice on the process to improve not only your skills on the court but your mindset to improve as a competitor. My best advice would be to focus on your physical endurance. Keep yourself in the best shape possible and focus on your diet as well. Improve your footwork with ladder drills and improve your hand eye coordination as well. You don't need a bunch of fancy equipment, Many lessons can be found on youtube with minimal equipment! The most important piece of advice I could give you is work relentlessly. Don't ever let anyone come in between you and your goals. The only person standing in the way is yourself! Once you come to terms with that you will be great! Best of luck in your endeavors