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What is most reward and least desirable aspect of being a certified nursing assistant?

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2 answers

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Kathy’s Answer

CNA's are the lifeblood of home health agencies, hospitals and nursing homes. The greatest reward is working directly with the patients and providing exceptional care, companionship and peace of mind for family members. Least desirable is the pay, CNA's in my opinion should be payed more for all the services they provide.

If you are considering pursuing a career in this field, is it out of desire to help others and compassion for the patient or is it a means to an end, as in, short amount of training to be in a career?

Perhaps do some volunteer hours at a nursing home or hospital to see first hand what this job entails.

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Pallavi’s Answer

Hi there,
I worked as a contingent nurse aide for about 3 years. The most rewarding part was just getting the chance to talk to residents and their families. It was really lovely to hear their stories and form relationships with them. However, it could be really challenging and exhausting because sometimes you could be short staffed and would have to rush to get everything done, especially if it was getting residents fully ready and on time for a meal.