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Self Taught or College/Uni for art

Asked Irvine, Scotland

Hi, i was curious to those who are illustrators and Graphics designers, what would be the best approach to learning how to draw, paint and design effectively. I have moderate skills in art but not enough to get me in the professional field just yet, Was curious what peoples opinions are on learning art. Also potentially how to set up a good portfolio for art schools or college courses for future reference too would be kool.

Thank you for reading. #art

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Marca’s Answer

Updated Berkeley, California

Hi Lewis, great question! I have a bit of experience with this, though I didn't end up pursuing a career in design. I did get an art studio degree in undergrad, and put together a small portfolio. A family friend set up an informational interview with an Art Director at a magazine, and she made a big deal about the portfolio. So you do need to be able to show a body of work to get into more selective schools, to get internships, and to get a job in design.

The good news now is that there are many options for building your portfolio, including online courses and design bootcamps. I think the 4 year degree is not as essential as having a professional portfolio.

If you want to get more experience beyond school and do have some mad skills already, non profit organizations are always looking for help with posters, flyers, websites, etc.

Marca recommends the following next steps:

  • Look online for design bootcamps.
  • Talk to a local non-profit and offer up your design services to build your portfolio
Hey thanks for the support and feed back !!