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what is a typical day like in your job?

Asked El Paso, Texas

my name is desiree and I like to learn more then what I already know #job

2 answers

Ryan’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Currently my typical day involves a balance of project management and task execution. I start the day taking a look at my schedule and what I'd like to accomplish. I usually send a few messages around tasks I'm executing on. I look to finish the immediate cases from my internal customers (sales team) and get ahead of tasks I expect to see that day. I'm usually involved in a couple of meetings throughout the day with my internal customers and the team I work with. Finally, if I have time I'll work on more long term strategic projects I continuously have going on.

Mark’s Answer

Hi Desiree!

I currently work for a software company in San Francisco.

Our software monitors a wide range of applications and websites, so customers don't have to worry about what happens to their website if it goes out of commission, our company will tell them quickly what went wrong and how to fix it immediately.

My day to day job is to provide custom discounting for customers who wish to buy our software products. If a customer wishes to spend $10,000 with us, but need $50,000 worth of our product, I work with them to figure out the best way to to bridge that gap. This way the customer is happy, they save some money and we get a long term relationship with them. I hope this is helpful!