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When being in a school for fighter fighters what else do you need to do?

Asked Redwood City, California

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David’s Answer

Salvador, it says doctor on your hash tag, but you are inquiring about fire fighters. Which is fine, it helped me figure out what to tell you. There is not much else you should be doing, when you’re in a fire academy. The only other thing, you should be thinking about, is becoming a paramedic. Most fire academies, do offer basic EMT. Paramedic school and fire academy, should never be at the same time. Unless your on a naval ship, or something. A great deal of paramedic services, in the United States, are with fire departments. But not every department, requires every paramedic to be cross trained. I walked into the Baltimore City Fire Department and was offered a job, as a paramedic only. Some physicians work as paramedics. One of the best trauma surgeons, that I know, was a firefighter/paramedic first. That was his inspiration.

Concentrate on what you need to do, to get into a fire academy locally. Such as a jr. college, or tech school.