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As a bio technologist what do you work on?

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3 answers

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Nija’s Answer

Hi Naileah,

Although, I don't have any expertise in your desired field but I was able to retrieve important information that will help you have an understanding on what biotechnologist do.

If you have a strong research background and think working in a laboratory setting sounds appealing, you should look into a career as a biotechnologist. These professionals can be employed in one of many subfields by private or public employers conducting research on living systems. A bachelor's degree is enough to enter the job market, but a master's or doctoral level degree is probably required to be an independent or senior researcher.

Biotechnologists seek to understand and manipulate the basic building blocks of living things, and they use the techniques of molecular biology to do so. They study the genetic, chemical and physical attributes of cells, tissues and organisms, and identify practical uses for this knowledge. Among other things, a biotechnologist in the area of food and agriculture might produce enzymes and preservatives for use in food and drink products, or they might genetically modify crops to increase yields. An environmental biotechnologist might convert plants into biofuels or create plant-based bioplastics, and a medical biotechnologist will research and produce new pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatments.

Typical employers of biotechnologists

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical companies
  • Biotechnology and genetic engineering companies
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Research institutions
  • Agricultural and crop production companies
  • Food and drink manufacturers

The following above information is from the websites:



Nija recommends the following next steps:

Please look at the two websites that I provided where you can obtain more information about becoming a biotechnologist.
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Mae’s Answer

Biotechnologists manipulate organisms or components of a biological system to create new products or processes. They study the physical, genetic, and chemical characteristics of cells and tissues and explore industrial applications for them. Biotechnologists work in fields like agriculture, medicine, waste treatment, and food production.,explore%20industrial%20applications%20for%20them.
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Jonathan’s Answer

My daughter is a Bio Technology Major at UC Davis. The types of internships she has experienced:

  1. Laboratory research - this is further segmented into statistical analysis, plants, animals, and microbial.
  2. Data Analysis - help to organize and filter, tag, and interpret trial data via specialized software or spreadsheets.
  3. Marketing - she had internships at tea and agriculture companies helping them with marketing materials, product demos, and trade-event representations.

All these fields are viable route to a professional career.