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how much do brick mason make a year

how much do brick mason make a year. #money

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1 answer

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Nija’s Answer

Hi Tahajjuddin,

To answer your question, Brickmasons earn an average yearly salary of $49,770. Wages typically start from $30,550 and go up to $82,810 according to the website:

Also, it depends on the size, reputation and revenue that the company has in regards to the salary. There are companies that pay more than other companies. If you are starting out as a brick mason, then you will make less money. In order for you to make a substantial salary, you must establish years of experience. When you get into the field, continue to grow and learn so that you can climb up the ladder.

For further information, you can refer to this website listed below:

Good luck to you!

Nija recommends the following next steps:

Communicate with Brick Masons to obtain information about the salary range.
Continue to do your research on the internet and at the library.
Consult with different unions pertaining to Brick Mason field about salaries.