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What did your instructor do to help you better understand the field of work?

He told me to do the job correctly every time, your speed will come later automatically. Take notes and read them back to your supervisor so you fully understand the job and ask questions if you do not understand... Everyone understands that you are learning. Klayton Kimball

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3 answers

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Josh’s Answer

My instructor had a way of making every lesson interesting and enjoyable. From day 1 he was telling us stories of when he was on his tools; he also had the experience to back it up with 25 years as an electrical project manager. His gift for teaching though was rooted directly in his ability to tell stories that could absolutely enrapture any listener. And it didn’t matter if it was good fun story or if was a scare-the-mess out of you story. He made things more real in a secure environment before any of us were introduced to the full field of work.

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Emmanuel’s Answer

My instructor was always emphasising on safety first. Ensure that all about your task is safe.
Then ensure that you know what you are supposed to do. If not sure,ask.
Write down whatever you cant remember as you dismantle components
After work or completion of task,ensure that you clean up. A clean working place is a safe working place.

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Joe’s Answer

I had some of the smartest most patient journeymen and instructors.
Electricity is very hazardous so it’s very important to understand . They drew out many, many diagrams. Don’t get discouraged, it takes a long time to fully understand how it really works-years. As long as you approach each day with a desire to learn something new . Always plan out your task in your mind first with a focus on the hazards first then the process of doing the job . I always take a photo and draw a diagram of anything unfamiliar so that I can be correctly reconnected. Hope this helps.