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What is a typical day like in your job? what are employers looking for in this career (skills, education, experience)? and How do people advance in this field?

Asked San Elizario, Texas

My name is Roberto Garcia, and I am interested in the HVAC field. I could use advice from someone who has experience in this career. I would really like to learn more about the HVAC field from someone like you."
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2 answers

Amr’s Answer


There are 2 types of days for me, type 1: travelling, type 2: not travelling.

Travelling: Early start, jet lagged usually, breakfast with colleagues briefing me on the day plan and who we are meeting, meet with customers to advance our relationship, support a deal, or just learn more about their needs and the latest challenges in their industry. Lunch and dinner usually with a customer or a partner. Sometimes during the day i would have meetings with our local team and leaders in these countries to understand how the business is going and how I can help them be more successful.

Not Travelling: Attending conference calls usually internal for many purposes like reviewing the state of the business, reviewing the budgets and spend against, managing people to perform better, managing extended teams to collaborate and align with them, reviewing progress of specific projects and deliverables we have running, making decisions on ways forward...

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