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What is it like having your own buisness?

Asked South Bend, Indiana

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David’s Answer

I love it. I never thought that I would ever have one. I had to say it out loud. I had to tell another person, who had their own business, that I wanted my own. I had to hear myself say it. Within nine months, I had one. Making money, cannot be my first love, or pursuit, in my business. Love, has to be my first pursuit. My business, isn’t about me. All a person had to pay me with, one time, was in beef jerky. I took it.

The people who helped me the most, were the website builders. They know what it takes to make you successful. I just tell them what I want out of a business and they do all the work. Eventually, I made my own designs, but they do the Search Engine Optimization. That’s where your success is. Period!

I also read the book: “Do You” by Russell Simmons and “ Winning Every Time” by Lis Wiehl. Those two books, really boosted my confidence. They should be on Amazon. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.