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i am a jobcore student and im seeking helpful tips or cocerns about the field of cement masonry?

1. is cement masonry a growing occupation? 2. is there equal growth opportunities for cement masons? 3. what are some negative things about this job field and positive things? #cementmasonry #construction

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2 answers

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Susie’s Answer

Hi Weston, if you mean a Concrete Mason - someone who makes concrete block foundations and uses cement to bind them - and works with cement in flooring etc - than I would say it's a "steady" occupation. Not necessarily a growing occupation but jobs in construction are always in demand. My husband works in that industry, he hires drivers for his trucks, plant managers and operations managers - in the actual sale of concrete and aggrigates for building roads and construction. There will always be a need for people who do those jobs. Having not worked in the industry myself, I can only tell you that working in construction is a physically hard job and you'll be faced with construction deadlines and unfavourable weather conditions and it can be a dangerous job as well. Which is why most companies like this have very high safety training standards and obviously make you wear safety gear etc. Hopefully someone who has worked in a similar industry or construction can give you more insight - but I think one of the positives is that people are always building!

Susie recommends the following next steps:

Maybe try volunteering with Habitat for Humanity on a project and see if you can get in on the beginning with the foundations?

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jesse’s Answer


Let me start off with the negatives first. This is first hand, last week, back breaking, pouring 10 yards of concrete! Masonry work is tough!! Long hours and tough, hard work! BUT, if your run your own business, that's what you hire young, cheap laborers for!

I cant emphasis enough how big masons are needed in the near future. There is definitely a shortage, and its a very good field to take on. Knowledge is key! Knowing your mortars and different types, knowing what codes requires, knowing what types and techniques work. Pay is very good due to the shortage in skilled masons.

Case and point, I just bought a few building, they all have chimneys and are older (pre-1920). They all need a skilled mason to fix and tuck point all the brick and foundation. Drive around, how many brick buildings and houses with stone, veneer, or chimneys? They will all need repair. Especially those built around the 1900's, which is ALOT. I believe it will be a great occupation, you just have to line up some good helpers, and you will have a nice business! Good luck.