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I am so interested in interior design as I have worked with and interior decorator before I want to take an Msc in interior design but I don't know how to draw should I go ahead?

I love challenges enjoy decoration and excited by the idea of learning 3D #interior-design

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2 answers

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Absolutely wonderful! You don’t need to draw much most computer programs have options to take measurements and create the lay out!
I think you want to study good problem solving as I did a lot of interior decorating. Understand textiles and using contrast in different ways.
Understand colors an psychologically will help so much! One of the best experience I had in college was at the start of every class we had to mix the paints to match something we were wearing, honestly it drove me crazy but I’ve gained the most from it. That helped me see undertones and highlights that are amazing for use in design!

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Paolo’s Answer

Hi Joseph,

If that's your interest, check out your local community college to see if they offer any classes. Also, there's a lot of tutorials on Youtube to get better in drawing.

How to draw a living room