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Is it possible for me to become a Forensic Detective whereas I did not study Pure Maths and Physical science in High school ?

I would like to be a Forensic detective

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2 answers

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Samantha’s Answer

Hi! I think it is important to note that being a detective does not mean that you are working in forensics. Detectives are the one investigating the crime by going to the scene, interviewing individuals involved, and working towards arresting a criminal. A detective should have some knowledge of forensics, but they do not have to have studied any science in school. If you wish to become a crime scene technician or forensic science then studying science would be very helpful if not necessary! CS technicians typically go out to the scene, document it and the evidence present, and then collect it. They then submit that evidence to a crime laboratory where the forensic scientist will perform the analysis on the evidence.

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Nantia’s Answer

Well you would need to become well versed with forensic science, biology and chemistry. Also, you need to study criminology as well and also you might need statistics because you will have to analyze data and write reports and things that need to theoretical thinking.