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is it easy to make yourself accustomed to caring for children?

Asked Caribou, Maine

2 answers

Judith’s Answer

Updated Pacifica, California

Children are curious, inquisitive and love to enjoy life by learning. Breaking lessons down into obtainable steps assists with their ability to analyze, process and succeed. As we all know, success builds success.

Judith recommends the following next steps:

  • Try evaluating the level where they are already capable.
  • Gradually increase competency by having them resolve larger problems.
  • Offer constructive criticism in a positive manner which is encouraging them to continue with their development.
  • Teach them how to react and work within groups to solve more complex problems and model leadership skills.

Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Manvel, Texas

I think if you’re going to pursue a career that has caring for children as the main job description then you should be driven by desire to work with children. You will not enjoy your job unless you are feeling extremely motivated already to care for children. I am a mother of three kids but I have no desire to work in a field that involves caring for children such as a daycare environment or teaching environment. It’s a special desire to work with children that usually drive people into a career of working with children and just wanting to be or being a parent doesn’t equate to the same thing.